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Members and Friends

Where we have contact details for someone, their entry below will link to a page in the members-only area and the information will be found there. We have done this to prevent spammers from harvesting people's addresses. Members can customise their own pages with any information they like - why not upload some photos of yourself 'then and now'?

Sadly, some members and friends of RUUFDS are no longer with us. Details where known are recorded on the In Memory page.

There are some new names added to the contacts wanted list - can YOU help!


Ex-members really, as RUUFDS is not currently an active society at Reading.

If we've got you name mis-spelled or anything else wrong do let me know.

If you haven't received a registration email yet, email myself or Andrew. Once you are registered you can add anybody else that you know.

-- BrianJones - 8 April 2004

Friends of RUUFDS

The following we have contact details for

Contact details wanted

These are people who have been associated with RUUFDS, but who we don't know how to contact. Please let us know by mail to if you have any information.

New Names

Still looking for

-- BrianJones - 29 Feb 2004